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 Black Stats          
Frequently requested data on African American consumers

Black Buying Power:
  $744 Billion (2006)

Black U.S. Population:
  38.3 million

Top Five Black Cities
  - New York
  - Chicago
  - Detroit
  - Philadelphia
  - Houston

Top Five Black Metros:
  - New York-New Jersey
  - Washington-Baltimore
  - Chicago-Gary
  - Los Angeles
  - Philadelphia

Top Five Expenditures:
 - Housing $121.6 bil.
 - Food $59.2 bil.
 - Cars/Trucks $32.1 bil.
 - Clothing $27.7 bil.
 - Health Care $17.8 bil.

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Ratings for televised Michael Jackson memorial service were off the wall

By Tanya Kersey
(July 9, 2009) Eighteen TV networks and cable outlets simulcast the nearly three-hour Michael Jackson memorial service on Tuesday, July 6 and 31.1 million people tuned in. The event had an audience share of 56 which means that 56 percent of the TVs turned on at the time were tuned in to the Jackson memorial, an astronomical figure for daytime television.  ABC (5.3 million) and CNN (5.3 million) tied for the top spot followed by NBC (5.1 million), CBS (3.9 million),FOX News (2.2 million) and MSNBC (1.4 million).

According to Nielsen Media Research the U.S. numbers for the event falls shy figures for the 2004 funeral of ex-president Ronald Reagan (35.1 million), the 1997 funeral of England's Princess Diana (33.3 million), the inauguration of President Barack Obama in January (37.8 million) and the president's first White House news conference in February (49.5 million).

Keep in mind that these figures do not include figures for the estimated millions who watched the event online or in replays. They also don't take into account the many community gatherings and the nearly 100 movie theaters that screened the event across the nation.  Akamai, an Internet company that handles 20 percent of the world's web traffic, reported that it handled nearly 2.8 million audio and video streams during the Jackson memorial, making it the most widely viewed Internet event since Obama's inauguration.

MSNBC.com (19 million streams) and MSN.com (9.7 million) broke their all-time streaming video records with Tuesday's event. ABC's digital network delivered nearly 6 million streams.  According to HuffingtonPost.com, 10.5 million viewed it on CNN.com and 3.4 million on FoxNews.com. Yahoo reported 5 million total streams.

In the U.K., more than 6 million people watched the live primetime broadcasts of the service. The memorial was screened live on BBC 2, which attracted an average of 4 million viewers and a 19% audience share, according to unofficial overnight figures. Channel Five's coverage had an audience of 1.2 million and a 5% share and Sky News had an average audience of 897,000 for its coverage.

In Germany, more than 20 million people -- almost a quarter of the country's population of 83 million -- watched the memorial service on more than 10 TV stations, according to market research company Media Control.

About 10 million people watched coverage of the memorial in France, more than a 50% audience share, according to Mediametrie.

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Tracing the Hip-Hop Generation's Impact on Brands, Sports, & Pop Culture

By Erin O. Patten

Hip-Hop culture has had a profound impact on marketing in the past two decades and it provided an intersection for brands, sports, and popular culture. Erin O. Patton documents this impact in his new book, Under the Influence--Tracing the Hip-Hop Generation's Impact on Brands, Sports, & Pop Culture. 

Adam Graves, senior vice president of Deutsch Advertising says of Under the Influence and Patton: "If there are any marketers out there that still think they can ignore the urban market they'd better think again...This isn't just a book for so-called urban marketers; this should be mandatory reading for every marketer in the country."

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