15th Annual Edition
'Buying Power of Black America' report breaks down billions in expenditures

Black consumers are responding to tighter economic condition by focusing more of their spending on items and services that improve their homes and lifestyle. That's one of the trends revealed in the 15th annual report, "The Buying Power of Black America," published by Target Market News. The report analyzes spending for black households in 2008 and finds that African-Americans...
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 Black Stats          
Frequently requested data on African American consumers

Black Buying Power:
  $803 Billion (2008)

Black U.S. Population:
  41.1 million

Top Five Black Cities
  - New York
  - Chicago
  - Detroit
  - Philadelphia
  - Houston

Top Five Black Metros:
  - New York-New Jersey
  - Washington-Baltimore
  - Chicago-Gary
  - Los Angeles
  - Philadelphia

Top Five Expenditures:
 - Housing $166.3 bil.
 - Food $65.3 bil.
 - Cars/Trucks $31.5 bil.
 - Clothing $26.9 bil.
 - Health Care $23.9 bil.

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TV One to air two-hour interview with Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sun., May 9

(May 5, 2010) TV One is giving viewers rare access to Minister Louis Farrakhan, one of America's most recognized and  controversial public figures, in a primetime interview on Sunday, May 9, from 9-11 PM ET. Cathy Hughes, host of TV One on One, sits down with Minister Farrakhan for a candid discussion about a broad range of issues, including the challenges facing President Barack Obama, the root cause of the crime that plagues inner cities and his belief in the preservation of black relationships.
 "Our television audience hasn't heard from Minister Farrakhan in a long time," said Cathy Hughes, the host of TV One on One with Cathy Hughes. "We wanted to touch base with him to discuss his impressions of the world today, the challenges facing our communities, politics, race and progress in the 15 years since the Million Man March."
In the years since Minister Farrakhan gave his last televised interview, the Nation of Islam leader has
survived major surgery, been forced to confront his mortality and pondered his legacy while keeping a watchful eye on the circumstances impacting the African American community.
In the interview Hughes asks about demands for then candidate Barack Obama to publicly distance himself from Minister Farrakhan, he said he understood the pressures Obama faced. "I never endorsed him. I just spoke well of him," Farrakhan said. "When he denounced me, he was forced into that. For me, I saw the bigger picture. I told all those that are with me, ‘Don't you say one negative thing about what he said or what he did. Just be quiet.' And do you know … when that young man was elected, black people came to me and thanked me, because I never allowed anything to pull me out into that which would hurt that brother. The bigger picture at that moment was Barack Obama, not Louis Farrakhan."
Hughes mentions that some have cited President Obama's election as evidence of a post-racial America, despite the persistence of racial oppression. "America, you've killed your last black leader," Farrakhan said. "Now, I said even before he was elected that [blacks] would make a mistake if [they viewed] brother Barack as the black president fighting for black causes," Farrakhan said. "That man has to fight for the common good of the American people and in that, [blacks] have to find how do we move."
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