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Dear Publisher:
Where can you spend just THREE DOLLARS A DAY to purchase inside information, custom-tailored resources, and the newest research that will  deliver a competitive advantage and create growth opportunities for your African-American magazine?

The answer is here, with Target Market News' new service, The African-American Magazine Publishers Program.  For 20 years, Target Market News has been the nation's leading source for the latest information on African-American marketing and media.  We are now bringing that expertise to African-American magazine publishers to deliver a much needed and unique service.
The AAMPP service bundles together marketing, research and industry access in order to offer them collectively to publishers in a cost-efficient package.  Now individual publishers of Black-oriented magazines can collectively make a huge impression on the advertising and marketing industry.  
The AAMPP service also allows magazine publishers to tap into the unique marketing power of Target Market News, The Black Consumer Market Authority.  No other media platform delivers timely and credible news and information like Target Market News.  Thousands of executives and professionals rely on TMN for up-to-the-minute developments in African-American marketing and media.
In the current economic climate, you need every advantage you can get for your publication.  For an investment of THREE DOLLARS A DAY, here are the services you'll receive as a charter member to the AAMPP service:
- A free listing in the print and online versions of's new African-American Magazine Directory, which will contain information on all Black-oriented titles, their contact info, advertising rates, circulation data, description of the editorial focus and a direct link to each magazine's Web site.  Internet access to the directory will be open to everyone, and the directory will be marketed through other industry Web sites.

- A free full-page profile and listing in the annual print version of the African-American Magazine Directory, which will be mailed to media buyers and planners, corporate marketing executives and brand managers. You'll receive a free supply of printed copies to forward to your clients.
- A profile of your magazine on's Magazine Spotlight, which has over 75,000 unique visits per month from advertising, marketing, and media professionals.
- A seven-day ad for your magazine on home page and Daily Bulletin -- a total of 60,000 impressions to marketing, advertising and media professionals.

- A quarterly summary from Nielsen Media Research on the Black media advertising expenditures by Fortune 1000 companies.  The report details the amount spent by advertisers, by brand, and by media platform.
- A Monthly Advertising Report from Media Economics Group currently being delivered to ad agencies and corporate marketing executives detailing advertising expenditures in Black and Hispanic magazines.
- Online access to Media Economics Group's Multicultural Advertising Intelligence, which tracks and ranks the ad revenues and pages of dozens of Black and Hispanic magazines and their advertisers.

- A complimentary copy of  the 2009 edition of "The Buying Power of Black America," the definitive annual report analyzing the spending power of African American consumers on hundreds of products and services ($100 value)

- 50% discount on registration to the annual African-American Magazine Summit, the nation's only annual meeting of Black magazine publishers, marketing and advertising professionals.
- 10% discount on registration to the annual Marketing to African-Americans with Excellence (MAAX) Summit, one of the industry's most anticipated events.  
- Membership to Magazine Publishers of America, the nation's leading trade association representing the magazine industry.  Membership benefits include registration discounts to MPA conferences, seminars and other events, as well as access to research data.
- A complimentary subscription to the print version of Target Market News Magazine, to be published beginning Summer 2009.
All of these amazing services can start delivering solid benefits to your magazine for the affordable investment of just $100 a month.  To begin taking advantage of this opportunity immediately, click on the secure online registration link below to become a charter member. Register for 12 months for only $1,000 -- a $200 savings!
We welcome your questions about how this program can create new business benefits and opportunities your magazine.  Please contact me at your convenience at 312-408-1881 or at   

Ken Smikle


(Print out the form below to register by fax or mail)

Please register me for the African American Magazine Publishers Program
by deducting $100 each month for one year for my membership.

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Tel. __________________________ Fax _______________________

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Register for 12 months for $1,000 and save $200!

___ Payment of a check or money order is enclosed for $ __________
made payable to Target Market News.


Charge my Am-Ex  ____ VISA ____  MasterCard ____ a total of $______
for the first ____ month(s) of my annual membership @ $100 per month.

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(Mail this page to Target Market News, 228 S. Wabash Ave., Ste. 210, Chicago, IL 60604, or send via secure fax to 312-408-1881) 

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