Friday, Nov. 16, 2007
    Time & Life Building
         New York, NY

This is the industry's only  symposium  examining the latest research, trends and opportunities for African-American magazine publishers and advertisers

Hear Presentations from:
Carol H. Williams Advertising
Essence Communications
Footsteps Group
Johnson Publishing Co.
Media Economic Group
NV Magazine
On Wheels Inc.
Target Market News
Uptown Magazine
Vigilante Advertising
…and more


- Successful Start-up Strategies

- Improving Advertising Sales

- Building Your Magazine’s Brand

- Successful Website Strategies

- Opportunities From Editorial

- The Latest Black Magazine Research




Bring your most pressing business challenges and have them addressed by the collective expertise of the publishing and advertising executives attending our Summit. Each topic will be explored in-depth by our discussion leaders and engage our attendees to contribute their own insights. You’ll want to be part of this day-long workshop that gives you the opportunity to get ideas and answers to your specific publishing issues. Challenges to be tackled:

Friday, November 16, 2007

9:00 Research: Getting The Latest Black Magazine Statistics
- Who are the biggest advertisers in black magazines and what did they spend?
- Are black consumers still reading and buying magazine as before?
- Getting answers to your questions
Discussion Leaders:      Carlos Pelay, Media Economic Group
                                    Ken Smikle, President – Target Market News
Success is all about research, and you can get the information you need to plot your magazine's business strategy by attending this session. Hard-to-find data on black magazine advertisers and readers will be presented by those who know it best.

10:00 The Magazine Start-Up: Money vs. Creativity / New School vs. Old School
- Do you have to have investors to start a magazine?
- Should you be starting and magazine or a Website?
- Should you publish monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually?
- How do you build a virtual magazine publishing company?
Discussion Leaders:      Len Burnett, Group Publisher – Uptown Magazine
                                    Kenard Gibbs, Group Publisher – Ebony & Jet Magazines
The most successful black magazines in the nation all started with less than $1 million. But an investment of  millions hasn't guarantee success for others. How do you determine if the title you want to launch in is viable? Should you start out as a Web site? How much capital will you need to make your magazine a success? Get answers and insights on these and other issues from our discussion leaders.
11:00 Magazine Development: Giving Your Audience What They Want
- Which comes first, your vision or what readers want?
- How do you identify a niche for your magazine idea
- Is what advertisers want taking over your magazine’s content?
Discussion Leader:      Kyle Donovan, Publisher – NV Magazine

So you have an idea for the next big thing in black magazines. Are you sure? How do you test the concept? How do you assess the competition? There are a number of African-American publishers who have found success with very specialized magazines. Hear their advice on identifying and going after an untapped market successfully.
12:00 Networking Lunch

1:00 Advertising Sales: What in the World Are You Selling?
- What do advertisers want to hear?
- What’s missing from our media kit?
- Pages vs. sponsorships vs. Website
- Demographics vs. circulation
Discussion Leaders:      Kay Lucas, Carol H. Williams Advertising
                                    Jeff Burns, Assoc. Publisher – Johnson Publishing Co.
With budget tightening, and technology threatening, is it possible to make your magazine stand out from the crowd with advertisers? Even with competition from all corners, many advertisers say that black magazines can play a vital in their media and marketing strategy. Join the discussion as we offer in-depth expertise on how you can meet the challenge.

2:00 Circulation: Old and New Ways of Reaching Your Readers
- Can you survive without newsstand sales or subscribers?
- Can you survive without an ABC audit?
- How many readers guarantee a magazine’s success?
Discussion Leader:      Randi Payton, Publisher – African-Americans On Wheels
With postal rates rising, and the Internet drawing more and more potential magazine readers, publishers are exploring alternative ways of reaching their audiences. Can you successfully utilize distribution strategies that don't depend on newsstands or subscribers for success? Hear from our discussion how some publishers have done it.  

3:00 Business Development: Ten Big Opportunities You’re Not Tapping Into
- How publishers used ideas from the 2006 Summit
- Moving outside of your comfort zone
- Bartering with other black magazine publishers
- Positioning your magazine’s identity
- Finding the Next Big Idea
Discussion Leaders: Ken Smikle, President -- Target Market News
                               Sheila Harris, Public Relations Manager - Essence Magazine

4:00 Post Summit Reception

 (Program is subject to change)

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