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It's About The Journey

By Ken Smikle
There is a belief by some that entrepreneurs are born. Others claim that they are just the product of circumstances -- usually lucky ones. What is undeniable, however, is once one has made the decision to pursue the dream of business ownership, the path to success is neither predetermined or certain.


Since we introduced Black Business Chicago with a pilot issue this summer, I have been constantly reminded of this truth. Both fledgling and seasoned entrepreneurs have been openly sharing their war stories, advice and questions. While wishing us well, many questioned how even such a much-needed publication -- especially produced in print -- could survive. We believe simply that we will because we must.

Sometimes the road to entrepreneurship is an accidental one, brought on by unemployment, an unexpected windfall, or simply an itch that could no longer go unscratched. No doubt the current economy is going to be responsible for creating a few


newly minted bosses who will find starting their own little moneymaker to be their only available option.

However you find yourself in the midst of starting or managing your own business, we

want you to take inspiration and information from these pages. We hope that sharing the
challenges and triumphs of other business operators will give you the insight to forge good fortune from your own circumstances.

The success story of Melody Spann Cooper, our cover subject, is one that some might call destiny. As the president of a broadcasting company started by her father, Melody shares some rare insights about the privilege and pitfalls of assuming the reins of the family business. Her unique achievements remind us that accidental or anticipated, running your own business is less about legacy and more the result of tenacity.

So, whether your journey as an entrepreneur began as a wish or on a whim, remember that success is in the journey, not the destination.



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