Coach's Playbook
The Seven Steps of High Performers

By Guy Summers
On the battlefield of organizations aka the Coaching Front we get to see high performers "do their thing" up close and personal. This is a tremendous privilege, honor, and learning opportunity. It's also a chance to pass on some themes observed from the best of the best. Here's Seven Steps that High Performers take often. I hope that each one adds value as you pursue your own special vision for life:

1. Know Your Purpose
High Performers know a lot more about their calling than others. They've really centered in on what it is that they are here to do.

2. Listen Up
Listening to the verbal and to non-verbal communications is a common success competency. High performers observe and process all of what that they see, hear, and feel.

3. Plan The Path
High performers can't predict the future, but they leave as little to chance as possible. These individuals prepare for the best, but know that nothing is certain.

4. Focus on the Positives
Optimism is key for many High Performers. They truly believe that positive outcomes will occur, they relish each of these moments, and they look to connect commonalities that lead to wins.


5. Find Rhythm
Because high performers practice and seek perfection, knowing when they're out of sync or offbeat is easy. They continually seek to find the "drum and bass" that provides the rhythm to keep everything on track.

6. Measure Progress
High performing professionals not only measure, but have a better idea of what, when, why, where, and how to measure pertinent data. Only relevant metrics are accepted.

7. Reflect. Reward. Renew
Finally, High Performers take time to retool. They mull over what's happened, celebrate wins, and then rest up for the challenges ahead. There are plenty of steps out there to take. I like these as ways to help you begin that climb towards performance enhancement.

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