Rates for Web-Based Advertising
         A limited amount of advertising space is available on TargetMarketNews.com for select advertisers.
         Among the top five of the nation's leading African-American business Websites, TMN.com attracts
        100,000 uniques each month. Our daily e-mail news bulletin is received by 11,000 opt-in subscribers
        and also carries limited advertising opportunities. Space is made available on a first-come basis.

        Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement which is deemed unacceptable according to
        the standards of the publication. All insertions are accepted on the representation that the agency and
        advertiser are properly authorized to publish the entire contents, and will indemnify the Publisher
        harmless against all claims for libel and any legal actions.

        For further information contact Ken Smikle, Publisher, Target Market News, ken@targetmarketnews.com,
        Tel. 312-408-1881.